Japanese School Lunch

In Japan, school lunch is given to all students until the 9th grade.   School lunch for me only brings back bad memories of old nasty cafeteria food.  But here in Japan the cuisine is well known for its delicious and healthy attributes.  It is no different in the school lunches here, thankfully!  Most of the school lunches in Japan are actually really good.  School lunch is meticulously planned for the season, the portion, and the nutrition.
All students must prepare, serve, and eat the same food.  Most school lunches consist of 4 or 5 staple dishes.  These staples include a soup, a salad, some kind of meat, bread or rice, and milk!   Even though there are always the same elements to the lunch the ingredients and dishes are always different making the school lunch always new and exciting!  These are a few of the lunches I have eaten here at my schools n the last few weeks!
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