My First Greenhouse!

Since we moved to the country I have envied the gardeners with greenhouses.  So this year as I was rummaging through our shed I found a collection of old metal frame pieces.  I thought I hit the jackpot and was extremely excited.  So I dragged them out along with the colony of spiders attached to them and pieced together a makeshift greenhouse of my own.


My wife and I set it up in the yard trying to find the right pieces and get creative with missing pieces as we connected the frames into the right shape.  After an hour or so of frustration we got it up and put some plastic over it!




For the past month or so my wife has used it as her personal smoking room to keep her sheltered from the cold autumn wind and rain.  But now that it has started snowing it will collapse under the weight of the snow if the plastic is still on it!  So we took off the plastic and set it up in the garden for starting our seeds next spring.  I can’t wait until spring comes to try it out.


Finally I have a greenhouse!!


But like all good things you always want more.  This greenhouse is rather small, I would say it 9×6 foot space and maybe 7 feet tall!  Which probably gives me just enough room for only a few tomatoes on one side and the other half will be taken up by all the seedlings.


With two full years of full time gardening in the books and this season coming to a close I feel like I have learned a lot.  I felt like this last year too, but it seems every year the garden teaches me new things and takes my gardening experience to a new level.  I am hoping this greenhouse brings a more efficient, organized manner of gardening that yields better harvests.  As is always I am looking forward to your comments and tips as this will be my first time using a greenhouse!


A mixture of fall leaves and cow manure. Spring time will put 2 year old compost on top as well

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