Have you ever wondered what its like to live and garden in Japan?

Follow us on our journey from downtown in a big city to the Alps of Japan.  This is the experiences of a young family of six living in a foreign country far away from home learning to garden and cope with daily life.  We live in a small town called Shirotori located in the Gifu prefecture which is nestled into the mountains of the southern alps.  The convenience of our city life has been left behind and the country way of life is slowly sinking in.  We survive on a day to day basis with the garden helping us along.  We have lots to learn from the locals and their way of life if we plan on being successful here!

Mr. Noah out and about!

It is finally warming up and the snow is almost gone around the house!  So that means Mr. Noah gets to start going outside and playing around.  He doesnt like the safe areas though and always seems to head straight for the stairs, ponds, or any other dangerous place he can find!  And now that he is getting faster and faster everyday you cant let your eyes off him for a second!  He also has the run of the house now and has a pretty good grasp on what is OK and what is not!

Other than that he is a pretty good little man.

Our friend just had a baby and we went to visit them in the hospital the other day.  Here I was thinking that Noah was still a small little baby until I saw their baby.  Noah is HUGE!!  He easily tops 25 pounds and he is waist high on his mama!  The little man is growing way too fast!!  He starting walking around 9 months which was kind of fast.  He has 4 teeth on the top and 4 teeth on the bottom as well.  But the little man still doesnt sleep through the night.  He usually goes to bed in his crib around 10 then wakes up around 1 or 2 because he wet his diaper or its cold because the heater turned off.  He then spends the rest of the night in bed with us until 6 or 7 when he wakes up for his bottle then passes back out until 8 or 9.  Now that he got a taste of our bed he doesnt really want to sleep in his crib anymore and usually makes a fuss about it in the middle of the night when we try and put him back in his crib.  Making for an uncomfortable night because the little man tosses and turns trying to find the best position regradless of where mama and daddy are.

He is understanding what we say more and more.  It is really exciting to see him respond to what we say!  He also is mimicking more and more and has picked up how to brush his own teeth and hair. Well I could keep writing all day about our little boy but I will save it for another post!  Enjoy the pictures!