Come Back Naked Man

Well our little man is getting smarter everyday.  He now shakes his head when he doesnt want or approve of something.  He also is waving his hand Bye Bye to everyone!  He knows who is around him and makes a fuss when Mommy or Daddy leave him to go out of the room.

Mommy wont let him cry for even 10 seconds so he is always being held and pampered(by me too).  He is defenitely spoiled!  And he has yet to fall asleep on his own accord without being cuddled, held, or patted to sleep.  Actually he has been sleeping terribly lately and waking up at least 3 times a night.  Usually its just for a change and bottle but he is turning 10 months this week and Daddy is hoping for a good night sleep sometime soon…..praying for a good night sleep more like it!

Not sure if its all babies but Noah loves being naked which really isnt great considering where we live.  He always is smiling and trying to run away so we dont put his clothes back on.  Im hoping that this summer we can take the diapers off and let him run with some undies and potty train him early.

He is still eating quite a bit and at least every 2 hours!  He is growing fast and constantly growing out of his clothes.  With his clothes, food, milk, and diapers I had no idea babies are so expensive.  But he is worth every penny and so cute!

Hope he can say HI to everyone soon!

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