Getting Ready For The Snow


In my area winter has officially arrived with a rather unusual early dump of close to a meter of snow.  Getting ready for the snow can be a daunting task.  Are you ready?  I covered many ways to winterize your house in a previous article here.  After doing all that there are a few other important details that we shouldnt forget.
First, is to thin out the closet and make room for all your winter clothes.  Pull all the winter clothes out of wherever they are being kept and make sure they are still useable.  Check for holes and mold, clean them up, and put them on a hanger so they are ready to use!  It is even wise to if you are using these clothes daily to make a special place in a warm area for the outdoor gear!  I will be buying a little movable clothes line with a plastic sheet to put under it. So when the kids come and go from school or skiing it is very convenient to change instead of throwing the wet clothes everywhere.
The next thing is something I wish I had done last year because I lost a few things for the entire winter under the snow.  Before the snow falls or right as it starts do a walk around your house for loose items such as tools, bikes, toys, clothes poles, important plants, and anything else that will be damaged or lust under the snow.
Last year we lost quite a few things until we stepped on them when the snow started melting in the spring!
All summer tools should be put away and winter tools taken out.  I like to sharpen and spray paint my tools to make it easier to cut the ice and snow.  Sharpening for obvious reasons and painting them as a rust prevention so they last longer.  It also makes it nice to look at them as they are right outside our front door!  I also like to buy a big bag of salt to help melt the snow around the entryway.
Snow tires area a must or you will slip and slide and never make it up any incline.  This should be done before the snow comes but if you haven’t gotten yours already go out and get them.
And lastly, is my favorite part of pulling out the winter toys!  Sleds, toys, skis, and snowboards should be checked, cleaned, and waxed before ever making it outside.  Make sure they are in tip top condition before ever using them.
Most of this stuff is just common sense and normal for anyone living in a snowy area for a long time. But as I am fairly new to the snowy weather conditions the little things are usually the things I forget.  So this article is just a quick reminder for anyone else out there in the same situation as me.

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