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As I saw a few of these things yesterday I thought I would write what little I know about them because they are fascinating creatures.  In Japan they are called “Kamoshika” and look to be some sort of mix between deer, goat, and pig.  I know now they are more of a goat antelope mixture due to wikipedia.  Anyways these creatures are not really uncommon here in the mountains and you will see one maybe once a month driving around up here on the country roads.  But when I met my wife for the first time and told her about these things and she thought I was lying and no such creature existed.  I had told her it was the creature out of Princess Mononoke movie!  She finally believed me when I showed her a video of me confronting one that had been following my friend and I while we were hiking!  It had followed us for a kilometer or so before we tried to feed it some nuts and it got spooked!
Anyways these serow usually hang out deep in the mountains and dont move to fast if they dont have to.  They are hard to spot because they blend in really well and like I said dont move to fast unless chased.  I believe they are protected by the government as well.
When I first moved to the mountains and started hiking and doing backcounrty I thought these creatures were majestic and the gods of the mountain.  I still think they are quite pretty and graceful but as I see more and more the awe is wearing off.  Actually we have a family of serow that come and raid our garden in the summer and I caught a few pictures of them last year.  They dont come around as much because our little poodle chases them away.
I have never seen more than 2 together at any one time meaning they are probably pretty solitary creatures.  Yesterday I saw a mom and her baby together by the road and they didnt really care too much that I got close for some pictures!  He was a cute little guy and I wish I had taken better pictures.  Anyways here is the link to wikipedia and one other website with some further information if you want to read more about them.  Here is a video on this website too!
And here are a few pictures that I took yesterday.

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