Mr. Noah


Mr. Noah is growing up fast….in my opinion too fast.  Our little guy isnt so little anymore.  Almost 8 months old now!!  He is about 25 pounds and 75cm tall.  He is quite heavy if you are holding him for an extended amount of time.
He is eating my wallet empty.  Who knew babies were so expensive?!?   He is drinking 5 200ml bottles a day along with 3 meals and numerous snack times.  He has fruits for breakfast and for lunch and dinner he eats some kind meat vegetable, rice mix.  He also eats some of whatever we are eating as well because he thinks he is a big boy already and wants to feel included or he starts to complain.  He knows how to get his way these days!!
His sleep patterns are still the same as before.  He goes to bed around 9pm and wakes up once during the night usually around 1 for a bottle.  Hopefully we can ween him off the bottle in the night so we can get  a full night of sleep.  But to be honest I cant complain he is a pretty good boy and doesnt stay up long.  He then wakes up when the house does around 7.  Naps included he is sleeping about 12 hours….wish I could sleep that long!!
With all that sleep the little man has a lot of energy and has been exploring his boundaries of the living room.  He crawls around and stands up on anything that will support him!  Pretty cute!!  He is getting really fast!  Now the living room is too small and boring for him so when ever the door opens Noah is rushing to the door to try and escape.  But usually the living room is the only room heated so the rest of the house is freezing and not fun to be in.  The temperature is hovering around 0*C or high 20*s or low 30*s.
He is now extremely vocal but not really saying anything but the goo goo ga ga`s.  He loves to be read to an we have already exhausted our local libraries English books.  That being said the same book over and over is just as entertaining for him.  He also loves any kinds of electronics.  He has already broken one of my laptops and if there are any cell phones laying around he is sure to find them and slober all over them!  Clapping is his latest trick that he likes to do when something is funny or he is having fun.
I put some pics below from recent to older.  Im sorry they are all sideways it takes forever for me to readjust every single one!  And Im just getting the hang of this website thing so its extremely frustrating!  Enjoy and please comment!

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