My Little Monster Update!


 So it’s been about 3 months since I lasted posted anything on my baby boy….let alone anything else really either!  Sorry summer has been super hectic here!  Noah is now 5 months and some change and a little above 20 pounds.  He is getting extremely heavy to carry around for extended periods of time.  He has pretty much doubled in weight in the last two months and growing bigger still every day!  That could be due to his enormous consumption of just about everything we give him.  His current diet consists of breast milk throughout the day when he gets cranky.  In the morning he gets a fresh fruit breakfast his favorites so far are banana and peach!  For lunch and dinner we keep introducing new things but so far he has eaten carrots, pumpkins, spinach, potatoes, and his favorite zucchini all cooked with a onion and chicken broth then taken out and smashed up!  Potatoes so far are the ones he likes the least!  Then at night before he goes to bed he gets a big bottle of formula.  He also drinks some different kinds of baby juice throughout the day as well.  So far he hasn’t turned anything down!

He goes to bed around 9ish and doesn’t wake up until around 3 for a feeding then goes back to bed until the house comes alive around 7 when the kids are going to school!

He is sitting by himself and grabbing anything in sight to put in his mouth.  He has a strong grip and even stronger bite!  He is learning to crawl very slowly but usually he just keeps rolling back and forth until he gets to where he wants to go!  His new trick is putting both his lips together and sticking out his tongue and blowing spit and bubbles!!  He is quite an active boy and very vocal.  No words but lots and lots of different sounds! He wants to be where the people are and is very curious about everything.  Thankfully he hardly cries he just wines when he wants something!  The only time I can really think that he cries is when someone strange and scary is holding him!  He is progressing very well I think and I’m thankful to my lovely wife for doing such a great job!

We have had to dump pretty much all the clothes he got when he was a baby and go get new stuff as he is huge now!  We went to the baby department store here and spent a fortune on new clothes, toys, and any and everything else you can think of.  The weather is getting colder here and I’m a little nervous on how he is going to take the freezing weather!  But I think he will do OK!

Will try to get on the website a little more regularly from now on!  I apologize in advance for your neck ache due to the pictures didn’t edit them before!

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