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So as we are trying to save for our move to sunny California the snow is starting to float down heavily settling us into winter a tad bid early.  Winters are long and cold here making our April 2015 date seem like an eternity to wait.  With snow finally sticking to the ground the low temperatures are here to stay.  In attempts to combat our expensive heating bill and never ending baby expenses I have decided to get a part time job at the local ski park.  This will be my first true Japanese job.  Im a little nervous and a little excited to try out my Japanese skills.  On the other hand, both my wife and I are not too thrilled about the extra time spent away from each other.  But I feel its our only chance to stay afloat and keep the house heated.
The snow park is located about fifteen minutes north of where we live.  And im not sure if I have these two job titles are written on my forehead but my job positions are waiter and snowboard instructor. Seems like fate has me doing these two jobs in whatever country I go to.  Anyways I will be working there over the winter holidays and Saturdays. As you know trying to save money and be frugal doesn’t create the most comfortable lifestyle.  I am hoping with a little extra cash it will provide a more relaxed atmoshphere around the house.
I start the 14th of December when the park opens so I will keep you posted on any new news.

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