New Years Update

Part of the New Years feast!


As you know the stomach flu ravaged our house right before New Years.  We ended up heading down to the city to spend the New Years with extended family so everyone could be together.  There was good food, drinks and everyone had a real good time.  But the good times ended the next day when the  rest of the family came down with the flu.  We felt so bad that we brought the flu from our house to theirs.  We couldn’t even leave because everyone was feeling so sick that it made a trip in the car impossible.   Good thing was that the flu didn’t last very long maybe a day or so.  After getting a little bit better we got out of there before the only other two people that didn’t catch it would be OK.


Having all our vacations taken up by sickness was not very fun so with the remaining few days we went to the mall to try and have some fun and blow off some steam.  Everyone got new clothes, played games and ate out as much as possible the next two days!  Here in Japan they have these surprise bags that they sell at the stores in the mall on the 1st and 2nd day of the New Year.  They are 50-150 dollars and come with a surprise assortment of their goods.  These bags are usually a great deal as they come with at least double the value of goods you paid for the only thing is you might not get the color you wanted.  Anyways we ended up buying a few and making out like bandits getting new jackets, tshirts, pants, skirts, and you name it!!  Noah is showing off some new threads here!!  These is my favorite outfit because this jumpsuit has “I love Papa” all over it!


As of today we only have two days left of vacation we are cleaning things up and getting ready for school again:(  But i thought I would make some cookies and use my leftover kisses and put them on top for an extra chocolatey chocolate chip cookie.  Vacation has gone way too fast as it always does!

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  1. He’s so cute and lovable. We can hardly wait to hold him. We love him! You and Valeria did just fine.


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