San Diego Bound!

Im going to start this with a disclaimer on this entry!!

**As is always plans change.**

I came to Japan five years ago with the intention of staying one year!  It was meant to be a fun break from life and a way to make money while I travel the world.  Although I have travelled to almost every country in Asia I am still in Japan.  Not that it is a bad thing but I don’t really want to spend the rest of my life here.  Japan is an easy place to live and you get comfortable fast.

And the thing about comfortable places is that they are hard to leave behind.

But my family and I have decided it now or never and we are working towards saving money to move back to my hometown San Diego!

We are looking for a bit of culture change and a place to escape the hardships of the severe winters we experience here in the Alps of Japan.  Saving enough money to make an international move is going to require some sacrifices on our parts.

We are going to have to give up the few luxuries we have now to make this move possible.  As it is we are already living quite a frugal life but downgrading things is always hard.  This upcoming year will be very trying on our relationship and family so please keep us in your prayers.  If everything goes according to plan we will be making our move April 2015.  And we can throw away our heavy snow jackets and shovels for shorts and flip flops.  Wish us luck and follow along as we try to fin new ways to save and make money.

 If you have any comments or ideas we would love to hear them!  Especially if they make our lives easier.

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  1. Returning back to hometown is always a pleasurable thing. I wish you will save money quickly and accomplish your goal. All the Best!

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