School Ski Tournament

Every winter my schools have ski classes about once or twice a week throughout the season at one of the local ski parks.  If I happen to come on that day I am included and get to go skiing with the kids.  Since I go to five different schools usually I get to going skiing at least once a week.   Last week was the end of ski classes for one of my schools and they had a whole school slalom tournament.  They have this every year and rotate the ski parks to keep it new.  This year we had our ski tournament at a park called White Pia and they shut down half of the main run for the school.  They also made a custom course just for the kids.  Most of these kids parents are involved with the ski parks in some job or another so it really turns out to be a community event similar to a high school football game.  They had electronic starter gates and a laser timer at the bottom accurate to hundredths of a second.  This event is taken serious by all the kids and most of the parents as well.  The competitive spirit is very high and with close losses come tears.  The kids are grouped by age so 1st and 2nd grade is one group, 3rd and 4th is another, and lastly 5th and 6th grade compete against each other for the top 3 fastest times.  Most of these kids hit the slopes everyday after school so the skill level is high and they go lightening fast.
After the competition ends we all hit the cafeteria for lunch.  Like I said before lots of family works at the ski parks and the cafeteria is no exception.  So some of the kids saw their grandmothers or mothers who piled their plates high to the envy of others.  Lunch was a great break since that particular day was about -10C outside with strong wind.  FREEZING!!
After lunch they have about 2 hours of free skiing with the parents seperated by skill level.  I estimated my skill was about a 4th grade level so I joined a few of the boys and girls in 4th grade to go skiing.  WOW!!!  I went the fastest I ever been in my life on either ski or snowboard….I thought I was going to die.  I could barely keep up with those kids.  I think I should have gauged my level a little lower!  To my credit, so I dont look SO bad that was only my 5th time skiing!  Usually I snowboard instead with the kids but I thought this year it would be a perfect chance for me to learn how to ski as well.
Overrall the competition was a success with no injuries.  Cant wait until next year when ski classes start again.  Next year I will be a much better skier!

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