Sick Again!

Mr. Noah has been sick now for about two weeks straight!  We have gone to two different doctors and gotten medicine but nothing seems to work.  He has had a runny nose….more like a plugged up nose forever now!

During the day he is normal with a little runny nose.  And then once night hits and he gets horizontal he cant breathe at all.  And since he cant breathe we have to hold him which means two weeks of not good sleep!  We suck his nose out constantly, have the humidifier on full blast all day and night, gave him medicine, fresh air, keep him warm, pretty much everything you can think of and it doesnt go away.  We have quit the medicine that the doctor gave us because it seems to make him worse and he gets super sleepy!

I think its just the dry winter weather and the big temperature changes.  But a sick baby is not a good thing!!

If you would just pray for the little man so that he can kick this thing soon.    Thanks everyone!!

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