Takasu Snow Festival (高鷲雪祭り)


Every year around the middle of February a big snow festival is held in Takasu. The main point of the snow festival is the making and competition of these 3-6 meter snow sculptures. Unfortunately, I could not attend but I did end up taking a few pictures of the sculptures about 5 days after the festival.  They are in disrepair and melting but still very intact.  Mr. Zues here was the winner this year.
I remember last year we attended and the temperature was -15 degrees Celcius with strong winds.  SO COLD!! This year was the exact same but I guess that’s what you can expect to encounter when going to a snow festival. They also have many stalls with various local foods and a handful of little fair games for the kids.  In addition to the food and games they have all sorts of snow attractions such as huge inner tube snow slides, getting pulled on inner tubes behind a snowmboile, horse rides, and a few other attractions as well. The festival is held in the local hot spring parking lot so once you are good and frozen you can enter the hot spring and relax for a while before heading back out.  It’s a nice outing for families or dates if you don’t mind the cold.

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