The Edamame Test

“Beans, beans the magical fruit, the more you eat the more you…..” well you know the rest.  Sorry couldn’t help it I had to add that.  My mother used to say that quite a bit as we ate beans frequently growing up.  Now living in Japan my garden would not be complete if I didn’t have edamame.  Edamame is extremely delicious and a great snack for any occasion.  I like putting out edamame when the kids come home from school so they can eat healthy instead of all the junk food they usually eat.

The Japanese have it down to a science and I was amazed last year at the quality and yield of their edamame. So now I try and look at all my neighbor’s gardens and copy them.

Growing edamame is really easy and fun.  However, this year I have done everything wrong.  I am late in planting and growing the edamame in different place without the use of any inoculants right next to all the onions.  All no-nos, so I am very curious to see what happens.

I found out from my neighbors that by letting the edamame climb it gives them more sunlight than in their natural low bush form and that bamboo is a perfect support for them.  Thankfully I have an abundant supply of bamboo on my property so I quickly stripped the leaves of a few branches and stuck them into the ground as a trellis.  In fact, every single garden in my area uses either bamboo or net as a trellis for edamame.  They are not grown as a bush!

Anywhooz can’t wait to see how this years crop turns out….if they even come out!  Will keep you updated.

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