The “Farm” Amusement Park

PictureWe received quite a few free tickets to the local amusement park called Bokka no Sato.  So the family and I finally ventured out for one of the first outtings this spring after hibernating all winter in our house next to the heater.  Keep in mind we live in the middle of the mountains and I use the term “amusement park” due to the lack of a better word.  Half of this park consists of various flower fields.  And the other half is dedicated to animals such a horses, cows, sheep, rabbits, and koi.  You can interact with the different animals in a variety of ways.  You can feed almost all the animals with a small charge, you can ride the horses, milk the cows, cut sheep hair, hang out and play with the rabbits, and throw crackers to the koi.  They also have clown shows, fishing, various little contests, and numerous trinket shops spread throughout the grounds.

However, we went because the tulips just came out this spring and since we missed them last year by a week, I was determined to get there early this year!  This was also the first outting with baby Noah who is now close to 50 days and his new stroller.  Unfortunately, I don’t think he liked the wind very much and wouldn’t stop crying so our little excursion lasted less than an hour before we returned home.

But here are some of the pictures I snapped before our early departure.

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