Typhoon Season

Here we are in the middle of October going on our 3rd or 4th typhoon already.  The last one started in Okinawa and plowed through Japan like a wrecking ball.  It cancelled trains, flights, and schools, recorded record rainfalls, downed electricity poles and trees, caused landslides resulting in deaths, flooding, threatened to hit the Fukushima plant again, and overall just threw a wrench in everyone’s daily lives.  Today there is another typhoon warning off the coast of Japan yet again.  This one has the added delight of having a partner typhoon not too far away.  So if both typhoons converge they have the ingredients for a pretty big typhoon!  Of course these typhoons have no regard for peoples free time and come promptly on Halloween weekend!  But a little rain and wind I’m sure won’t stop the festivities.

It has been raining since Thursday and doesn’t look like its stopping until Sunday but if I were a weather man I would predict substantially colder temperatures on the backend of this typhoon and possibly some snow!  Winter looks to be upon us early this year!  It already snowed for the first time this year on the backend of the last typhoon so with my weatherman skills I’m predicting snow again!!  God this weather is completely different from San Diego!

Japan sees its fair share of typhoons every year but most are pretty mild.  However this last typhoon delivered an upper cut to Japan and was one of the strongest typhoons in the last ten years some newscasters have reported!  For me typhoons equal the house whistling and shaking, days of school, and the garden gets a free watering so typhoons are OK in my book as long as our old house holds up!!

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