What is the Super Bowl?

Well it’s only the biggest sporting event in America!  It’s the championship game for the National Football League.  Still don’t know?!!  It’s a very big American football game!  OHHHH!!!

I had this conversation with at over 10 people in the last few days.  To their credit most of them live in a country that doesn’t play football in the middle of the countryside surrounded by mountains. Even still if you are any kind of sports fan the phrase “Super Bowl”should ring a bell or at be somewhat familiar. Here in Japan, baseball is the primary sport.  I would say the Japanese Baseball League Championship is the biggest sporting event here.  Although its viewers are only a fraction of what the Super Bowl has.

As the festivities have died down and the clean up begins it marks the end to yet another Super Bowl.

I want to give a big congratulation to the Seahawks and especially their D for shutting down Manning and the Broncos.  I have never been a fan of either so I am happy with the outcome.  As Denver are division rivals with the Chargers.

This week was one of those times that I really miss home for all the friends, family, and festivities.  There was not one mention of Super Bowl here and it was kind of disappointing. Hopefully I can make it back to San Diego soon so the Chargers can finally win a Super Bowl!

What do you think the odds are on that happening in the next two years??

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