Who, What, When, Where, and Why…


OUR GOAL Our family is trying to save up enough money to move to San Diego in April 2015.  We are doing everything we can to cut our costs so that we can save every cent possible to use for our international move!


David Schweer-I am originally from San Diego, California.  I love being outdoors and exploring new things and places.
Valeria-Originally from Sao Paolo, Brazil.  Loves warm weather, bbq’s and beach.
Gabriela-16 years old working at the local supermarket to save money for America.  She is a very talented artist!
Caique-Currently attending Jr High School and is a game addict!
Anna-Adorable 3rd grader who loves mama more than life itself.  She is smart, fun, and very active.  Did I mention she speaks three languages!
Noah-Currently about 9 months old and getting bigger everyday.  He is a handsome young man that loves to be held ALL THE TIME!  Mama spoils him crazy!

We live on about an acre of land which is actually a luxury considering land is scarce here.  We have a very traditional Japanese house that fits our family just perfect.  Half of our property consists of a bamboo forest and a beautiful walking path through soaring pinesand weeping sakura trees.  The other half has a decent size garden, 2 ponds, and the house.It is about 40 years old so there is always some kind of projects and maintenance going on here!  We are fortunate to live up on a hillside and have a beautiful view of the sunset going down over the mountains every evening.

The established garden is a 25 by 100 foot rectangle with other various little patches I plant on here and there on the property.  I have very few tools and do what I can with what I have.  I have a shovel, hoe, rake, wood saw, and that is about it!  It is a lot of work!  UPDATE: I now have a small greenhouse!

We have two ponds both supplied with fresh water coming down off the mountain.  One pond is about 10’X20’X2′ and we are raising a Japanese trout called Masu.  We have to watch out and put strings up because the local cranes and hawks love free meals. Summer time is really fun because the kids make their own fishing poles out of bamboo and fish for their dinner.  Our other pond is about the half the size of the trout pond and is in our frontyard.  We have goldfish and koi swimming in there!