Got Ground Cover?

My little town comes alive in spring time with an explosion of flowers of every color.  These flowers wait all winter to show themselves off.  Our town has two flowers that grow everywhere and I just thought they were weeds at first!  Daffodils grow like crazy here!  They just multiply where they are planted and invaded our city!
The other is a flower I have never seen before.  I looked it up on wikipedia and its some variety of phlox.  This flower comes to life in spring showing off brilliant colors of white, pink, and purple.  Unfortunately this flower blooms for only two weeks and then turns into a grass looking plant.  Here in my town this flower is used as a ground cover to smother weeds and cover unused and hard places.  Luckily this plant is quite hardy and thrives even in the worst rocky cramped conditions. This flower has many uses and can be used as ground cover for weeds, a decoration for rock walls, or as a flower!
I went to this lady’s house last week and she has taken this flower to a whole other level.  Needless to say that she is kind of famous and people flock to her house in spring to see her beautiful backyard!  Rightfully so because they are a sight to be seen.  I hope you enjoy!
Here are a few other pictures from around town that I thought looked pretty as well!
As I continue my plant education I am realizing more and more that ground cover doesn’t exactly have to be plastic or gravel.  It can take many other forms and some can be extremely beautiful and pleasing to the eyes!

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