Updated Noah Pics

Picture Here is my little man Noah.   He is about 2 and a half months old and growing bigger everyday.  He is kicking, punching, and moving his head and neck around like crazy.  He loves to talk, smile, laugh, and of course cry!  His eyes are changing everyday….they started out super blue and now they are moving towards brown.  He likes music, books, TV, and most of all he likes mama and papa holding him.  He goes outside and on errands with us everyday.  He seems calmer outside than in and the sun and wind doesnt bother him.  He loves his car seat and almost immediately falls asleep once put in.  He seems to have his night schedule set for now with a wake up at midnight, 3, and 5.  Which I must say is better than he was before.  We gave him smashed up apple and banana the other day for the first time and he really enjoyed that.  Super big smiles!!  I cant believe Im a papa and he is so damn cute!!!!!!!!!

I will try and add some more later…..my computer is acting up and pissing me off!!  Wont let me load more!!

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